Those who wish to purchase digital images from the Patterson Historical Society’s collections should use the Digital Images agreement that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Fee schedule for reproductions:

  Hi-Res Image Member Discount If Printed
Photos to 8×10 $10 $2 option not available
Image over 10″ upto 18″ 15 3 $30
over 18″ 25 5 varies by size
1854 map (36 x 57 in.) 25 5 $125
 All amounts are plus shipping and applicable sales tax. For printed items only there is an additional $30 fee per order to cover our time at the printers.”

Book: Wholesale (defined as a whole box of 16) price at $15/ book plus applicable tax or submission of a resale certificate, and shipping charges.


Download Form

Download, print, and return 2 copies to the address on the form.