As one would expect there have been many businesses in the long history of Patterson and its predecessors. Some are detailed in the pages and sub-menus that follow. The wide-spread use of the automobile led to major alterations in transportation networks and the general culture and spurred the development of many new businesses. In particular for Patterson the development of weekend and summer communities and the increased use of what is now Rt 22 as a corridor for recreational travel supported a boom in local restaurants and bars. (For example, the Bob-O-Link Tea Room, shown in the header image above, that began serving refreshments for the “touring” set along Rt 22 as early as 1916.) The Historical Society is fortunate to have a collection of photographs of places that sold alcoholic beverages taken for the NYS Liquor Authority over a number of years. Many of these photographs are presented below. For mapped locations of some of these businesses please refer to our Historic-Points Map Viewer through the link on the Welcome Page.

(The following images should be viewed from left to right, then downward by row, for a chronological sequence of exterior and interior shots.)