Our purpose is to collect and preserve materials which relate to the history of the Town of Patterson, and to promote an awareness and an understanding of Patterson’s heritage.

Highlights of our ongoing work are featured below.

A Short History of Patterson

Cornwall Hill 1800

Cornwall Hill 1800

HISTORY is more than a recounting of past events or a curated collection of artifacts. History is an attempt to identify the natural and cultural contexts in which the events occurred and, thereby, to understand why they did. This overview of Patterson’s past from its earliest settlement provides such context. LEARN MORE 


The Old Burying Ground . . .


Gravestone unearthed

. . .RESTORATION AND RESEARCH PROJECT is working toward permanent maintenance of the oldest-recognizable cemetery (circa 1760) in Patterson, as well as securing its listing on the NY State and the National Registers of Historic Places. Volunteers are needed for all phases of this work. LEARN MORE